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Verint cyber security
New perspective. New defense.
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A well-established company enters a new field, but other large companies are already active there.

The cyber protection field is flooded with brands and media, but most of them look and sound the same. All potential customers understand the product and its advantages after a meeting, but it is very difficult to set up a meeting unless the customer understands it all already.
The brand solution was simple, but unusual: don't talk about your product; talk about your approach. A well-known company that looks differently at a new field, whose product allows the customer to get an alternative point of view on a familiar problem, and that speaks a new language in the market – this actually changes people's perspective.
New Perspective, New Defense
This idea led directly to the brand and language. Looking at reality from a different angle generates a different understanding of the situation, and better creative solutions for security problems. The language combines graphic motifs with a picture of reality, so that each viewer's interaction reveals a new insight.

During the branding process, we helped Verint formulate a new brand identity, creating a language derived from that of the parent company, and implementing the brand in both digital and physical spaces.