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Israel Innovation Authority
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Israel's reputation as the "start-up nation" is well-earned. Israeli companies have established themselves at the forefront of global industries, and today the country is leading the charge in global technology.

Since the 1970s, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy has been granting funding for entrepreneurs, as well as establishing programs designed to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Israeli industry can still credit its competitive edge internationally to these programs, with representatives of countries around the globe coming to Israel to study the Chief Scientist's model and management methods. But over the years Israel's status has been eroded, and various attractive funding bodies have been established, with the dizzying pace of change making it hard to adapt as required.

The Israeli government recognized the need to establish a new authority to handle this important national resource – technological innovation. This is an independent, disinterested public entity, which focuses on the needs of industry and acts to ensure the ongoing development of innovative industries in Israel.

The chosen strategy emphasized the fact that the authority is a public body. The State provides infrastructure and transforms its resources into national assets, so we set up the new authority as an "innovation infrastructure". The authority provides the structural elements (infrastructure) to form the framework that supports the industry as a whole. The authority develops and supports the innovation industry, as it has all the State's capabilities and resources at its disposal.
The brand identity rested on the values of entrepreneurship, cooperation, and a culture of innovation. It's a dynamic, flexible system that adapts itself to changing market needs, encourages creativity and innovation, and enables ideas to become reality. In light of this strategy, we developed a design language that reflects the pace and energy of innovation within the authority. This is an authority that is constantly seeking ways to innovate, improve and optimize its performance, manage risks, and help everyone realize their potential.