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How can you make money from mobile advertising?

An excellent question, especially coming from the publishers. They have the media, they have the audience, and they have a lot of problems.

How can you balance an appealing reading experience with appealing advertising? Where and how do you sell, and to which target audiences? Is all media space being used? And many more questions, all requiring great skill and specialist knowledge to answer.

Browsi came to us following their recent transformation from a browser services company to a company focused on streamlining mobile advertising.

Our main mission was establishing differentiation versus its competitors, focusing on its relevance to customers, and packaging everything in a new, appealing way.

The heart of the idea was actually to embrace its complexity – not to present everything in the simplest possible terms, but rather to present Browsi's expertise in all branches of its operations.

Three words: Mastering Mobile Monetization.

The language is based on the idea of mastery. It shows Browsi as friendly and accessible, and at the same time as a specialist, complex, diverse company without the oversimplification that is all too common in the industry.

No matter the angle, depth, or point of view, Browsi is presented as giving its customers a smart, multidisciplinary solution that is, most importantly, comprehensive and effective.