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This new fashion chain was launched to offer casual and basic clothing. Today, with 60 stores throughout Israel, Hoodies still provides a shopping experience unique among its competitors. In the fashion world, and especially in the case of casual/basic fashion, it is often difficult to create a distinctive image or products and maintain them over time. Today, in the industrial era of copying and duplication, the difference between each brand’s products is almost nil. Instead, it is the brand’s emotional experience that offers a sense of exclusivity and creates an ongoing relationship with the consumer. Hoodies presents high quality, comfy, unpretentious clothes, and its brand therefore had to be based on a story that would involve and surround these products, just the way they are – simple, colorful, varied, and fresh, exactly like life in the natural world. The Hoodies brand salutes the wonders of nature and takes them to heart: Hoodies. Nature is Beautiful.