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Carrying out branding work for the Galita chocolate farm was like entering a magical new world. The world of chocolate.

As we researched this project, we encountered Galita’s innocent spirit, which guided us towards an illustrative language intended to express the naive desire for chocolate, the experience of inventing and preparing new chocolate products, and the way chocolate makes us feel. We aimed for a down-to-earth design that conveyed a personal touch as well as the rustic family ambiance that characterizes the brand.

We worked with Galita to create a special brand story that speaks of a dream and its fulfillment, and invites everyone to taste, discover, learn, and fly on the wings of imagination. We also developed a new product line while also planning and designing the two visitor centers, establishing a real connection with customers as well as a rich, comprehensive brand experience.

Today, Galita has an extraordinary variety of unique chocolate products, thriving internet store, and two visitor centers in Tzuba and Dganya offering a range of workshops and activities. What began as the dream of a smiling twelve-year-old girl who just wanted to make everyone’s life sweeter, has become a leading, innovative chocolate brand.

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