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In a world so demanding, we always feel there is more that can be done. We constantly try improving and being the best version of ourselves. But we always go as far as our health.  Keeping a healthy lifestyle stays one of our biggest challenges.
Understanding the definition of a healthy lifestyle is complex and requires professional knowledge.  Keeping our lifestyle healthy is a commitment that gets in the way of our daily routine. Of course we all want to be healthier, exercise more, eat nutritious food and take care of ourselves more. But when it comes to taking action we just don't have the time or the patience to invest and really understand what is it we are supposed to do. 
The Better Me brand gives an approachable answer to all those misunderstandings.
Better Me was born in order to simplify health care and make it more accessible. By creating a network of health center stations, located in costumers centers (such as malls, for example), Better Me makes health issues a matter that can be easily discussed, understood and practiced.
The Better Me health care center stations offers personal guidance by qualified professionals and a big variety of products such as vitamins, super-food and natural juices, in affordable prices.
The branding process focused on the needs and feelings the consumers address.
The promise:
Better Me makes you feel more energetic, strong and balanced. Better Me makes you healthy.
As a brand which gives new interpretations to health services and helps people adopt a healthier lifestyle, we used a vital and joyful visual language. This language represents the spirit of the brand. Colorful illustrations simplify the seriousness of the term "health care" and eliminate any alienation feelings toward the health segment.
Rationalism and professionalism, along with openness and colorful that represent the joy of life equal, a brand that takes good care of you. Making you better. Better you. Better Me.