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Lehem Erez
Bread as Inspiration
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Lehem Erez was launched first as a bakery and then as a bakery chain. Over the years, it established itself as a chain of cafés, but lost its uniqueness in terms of image and products. Our mission was to create new added value for this brand in a crowded, overloaded category characterized by low differentiation. The challenge was reestablishing Lehem Erez as an innovative, standard-setting brand that offers a new, high quality culinary experience with both practical value and emotional resonance.

Our first step was to define a broad new role for the brand as providing not only food and a place to sit, but also inspiration and imagination. From there, we expanded the brand experience to an experience you can take home or on the road. Another main focus was the development of entire unique product lines. Working with the Lehem Erez staff, we focused on products that enabled an independent, ongoing culinary experience and were not dependent upon any one location. This was no longer a coffee shop, but an urban delicatessen. A culinary junction where we can enhance our daily lives. A place filled with flavor and inspiration.

By the end of the process, we had managed to transform Lehem Erez from a failing café chain into a thriving chain of boutique delicatessens with 100 new products that created 100 new reasons to visit 20 new branches across Israel, as well as a sales increase of more than 50%.

"האסטרטגיה המדוייקת, יחד עם שפה עיצובית יוצאת דופן, אפשרו ללחם ארז להיפתח לשווקים והזדמנויות חדשות, דבר שהצעיד את הרשת משמעותית קדימה."
רמי דנה
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