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The restaurant group updates its image after 17 years of operation. Giraffe in Tel Aviv was established as an innovative, breakthrough restaurant that represented a revolutionary statement for the Asian food sector and the restaurant experience in general.

Over the years, the Giraffe brand has been consistently popular and well-loved by city customers, and it became so much an inseparable part of the urban landscape that we started to forget how unique and interesting it was.

The Giraffe rebranding process is designed to rejuvenate, update, and innovate in order to light a new flame that will reignite customers’ passion for the brand.

Giraffe has taken on the old-new role of enriching city life. It is always welcoming and gives customers the chance to discover both familiar and refreshing experiences. In this way, it preserves current affection for the brand while also attracting new love to the city, customers, and itself.

Through the brand updating process, we redefined the brand architecture and its special relationship with customers. We created a unique and enigmatic “Giraffe language” that is expressed in all ways in which the brand interacts with its customers in restaurants, the media, and online.