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Café Café is the largest and best-established chain in its market category. In order to retain and even improve upon this standing, we identified the need to inject more energy into the company, create forward momentum in its activities, and help its employees feel a sense of pride.

“Better Together” is the central concept we distilled from our work on the company strategy: presenting Café Café branches as social hubs, offering the ideal environment for socializing, becoming seen as public places that are simultaneously personal, social, and intimate. This core idea led us to create a brand language from several elements representing the “Better Together” concept. These elements are constructed from several basic shapes, which come together to form a complete whole. Roughly processing the images created a modern urban atmosphere in line with the brand.

The Café Café chain had just six branches when we first began our journey together, and now has approximately 140 branches. In addition, we spearheaded an intra-organizational process that has now developed a line of seasonal concepts, as well as the Café Café GO sub-brand.