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The long-established, highly-regarded Carlton Hotel on the Tel Aviv seafront came to us following an extensive renovations process. The hotel wanted to focus its services on business guests, but still lacked the unique image that would set it apart from other hotels targeting the same audience.
Our branding process began with the realization that there is the traditional doing business and there is doing business in a creative, innovative way. It is important for the hotel experience to have real meaning rather than a simple result.
The Carlton is not just yet another hotel for business travelers. It’s a hotel resting right on the Mediterranean seashore. Its uniqueness lies in its spectacular location and the connection it forms between the sea and the city, between work and vacation. Carlton provides an experience filled with appealing combinations, giving all visitors (including business guests) the opportunity to find the perfect balance that suits them best. Carlton wants to tell all business travelers that this is where you can “Be at your best.”
From this seed, we created a unique character for the hotel: one that is always a step ahead in understanding the modern business world; one that points out the best spots in town on the one hand, but will also provide the optimal conditions for your business both inside and outside the hotel.
We expressed this concept through a distinctive, first-class textual language that was inspired by the modern business world, combining wit and down-to-earth phrasing. The visual language was just as inspiring, creating a palette that reflects the long history of the hotel, while using an illustrative contemporary language that showcases Carlton’s unique service style and ability to maintain a dependable, private experience.
Today, the Carlton can effectively communicate with its hotel guests and business travelers anytime and anywhere, from the moment you receive your room key to preparing a coffee-to-go – helping everyone to always be at their best.