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Growing, Expanding & Remaining Authentic
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The massive expansion of the AMPM chain and its acquisition by the Dor Alon Corporation created a real need for new, updated market positioning. The “kiosk” ambiance was no longer suitable, but the chain wanted to preserve its unique character and Tel Aviv roots rather than become yet another supermarket chain. Our strategy focused on the emotions evoked by the chain’s real benefits – making city life easier. The brand’s main strength is that it removes obstacles and brings customers closer to their goals. This, we found, was the real essence of AMPM – a shortcut. A shortcut is something only known to locals who are familiar with their neighborhood and therefore enjoy the ability to take advantage of this special knowledge. We created a fresh new brand language that combined illustrations to create a distinctive visual design. This new language is a simple, flexible platform for promotional, marketing and sales purposes, as it is designed to blend in with the city’s overall appearance and become an intrinsic part of it – as you would expect from a brand that sees itself as a true Tel Aviv native.