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People and money aren't what they were before, and a credit card company isn't just about the card anymore. Our lifestyle calls for flexibility and innovation in payments and money transfers that are smoother and more convenient than ever. As an innovative credit card company and the most respected in Israel, Leumi Card has long been working on developing the next generations of financial services and capabilities for business and private customers. In parallel with this development process, the need arose to redefine Leumi's role in the lives of its customers.

The fundamental insight was that the actual money transfer is just a technical matter that has become more and more transparent, and does not make the company stand out at all. So it was necessary to go beyond technological progress and define Leumi Card as a company that forms connections – between people, businesses, and capabilities. Leumi Card creates new opportunities for you by leveraging its constant innovation, a new perspective on customers' lifestyles, and a leading market position.

The new language began with a logo based on previous marketing materials, but updated and reshaped into a real icon. The logo gave birth to "Leui", a character who takes the front seat in all brand communications. Leui's role is to be a window of opportunity, generating interest as well as a sense of variety, progression, and change. It can contain any visual content and be integrated into various formats. Leui and the logo work effectively together.

The logo is stable – Leui is surprising.
The logo is permanent – Leui is constantly changing.
The logo is expected – Leui encourages you to let your imagination soar.