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Cut the bullshit
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The cosmetics market is changing. The time-honored aura of luxury is dissipating, and today's consumers find it hard to identify with perfectly polished models. The modern consumer is much more savvy, aware, and difficult to influence. It is important for them to look good and feel beautiful, but they're not ready to dig deep in their pockets.
The WOW chain was one of the first to recognize the need to offer high quality cosmetics at accessible prices. During the past decade, the chain opened more than 60 branches throughout Israel, but its ascent has slowed during the last year due to increasing competition. After many years of being (almost) the only player in this market, WOW now has to re-establish its competitive edge.
WOW provides excellent cosmetics products at ridiculously low prices. That's the whole story. No false promises, long explanations, or celebrity ambassadors. The concept – rather than wasting energy beautifying reality, WOW cuts to the chase and actually beautifies you. "Cut the bullshit" was the message that accompanied this entire campaign and inspired the visual language. Clean, simple and basic lines were combined with minimal colors and a photographic language focusing on beautiful, carefree young women. This stylish brand speaks to customers on their level, without compromising on quality and a chic image.