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LYA is a new women fashion brand that offers traditional religious women a trendy way of clothing.  

Linor Abargil, Former Miss World, and businesswoman Yafit Atias, are two national religious women with a great sense of fashion. The two decided to establish their fashion brand as a modest yet stylish and high quality one. Just like them. Strategically, we defined LYA as an international fashionable brand that offers an ideological and practical alternative to the general public.

Fashion is a culture, an instrument of empowerment (sometimes suppression), expressing practices, views and opinions. Therefore, clothes are not intended to serve curves and emphasize proportions, but rather to express a personal statement. That was the basis of our branding process. To create a brand that fits the garment to the person rather than the other way around.

The basis of LYAs visual language is the idea that every woman has a story. Fashion is just one way of telling that story. This is how the concept "UNCOVER YOUR STORY" was born. Not like other traditional styled fashion brands, LYA puts the woman in the center, empowering her and giving her room for personal expression. The brand’s verbal language invites women to stand out and share their story. This is how LYA establishes a new fashionable feminine approach for strong powerful women.