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~~Zohar Dalia produces a variety of cleaning products for different brands. Having substanial advantage in the market it turned to us for developing its own unique brand and maximizing its existing capabilities.

During the branding process we realized local brands, while introducing innovative products, are very conformative when approaching the visual image, conveying mainly practical benefits Our goal was to break down perceptions and stand out, aim for emotions and be relevant for those who like things clean, but want it to come easy.

The brand idea was born from our understanding that the material is not the story, the outcome on the other hand is. A fresh home, a house with constant interactions, a “live” place. The chosen brand name (Ting) highlights the simplicity in it, its young, catchy and happy vibes.

Strong and rich colored visual expression keep the product standing out above the others in its industry.
A clean and crisp theme with an emphasis on typography, leaves the user with a feeling of cleanliness, simplicity and joy. just as the home we want. As part of verbal language, the brand name was incorporated into communication and smart quotes such as “wild ting” created a unique style.