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Winner of Carlsberg International’s Campaign of the Year award in the category “Brand Growth Plan of the Year”.

This international beer brand, which has already become part of the Israeli landscape, approached us to create a relevant, innovative brand story that would motivate customers who have purchased and enjoyed Carlsberg beverages for many years.

Our task was to tell a story that had never been told before. A story that would encapsulate the brand’s heritage, spirit of excellence, and long journey towards developing a unique beer of uncompromising quality. This story would let everyone who has enjoyed Carlsberg over the years know the history of the brand and the story behind that familiar, well-loved taste.

This challenge was twofold: telling the brand story while also interesting and inspiring the audience. We therefore developed a contemporary, sophisticated design language that transformed history into a fascinating contemporary tale. 

The modern Carlsberg language offers a glimpse of history, a backstage pass into the world of beer production, and a promise of uncompromising quality.

This hugely successful campaign won the Carlsberg International Award in the “Brand Growth Plan of the Year” category.