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The Client
Global is a huge office furniture company that is among the longest-established and highest-regarded in Israel. It produces and markets several brands that are well-known throughout Israel and even internationally. But the identity of Global itself was low-key, there was no connection between it and its brands, and competition was becoming increasingly intense.

The Goal
We opted for a branding process that would not depict the Global brand as a furniture supplier, but rather as a business that sees and understands the needs of other businesses, and provides comprehensive solutions.

The Insight
Even though a business' requirements might seem to only cover furniture, flooring and interior design, they are really much more than that. The furniture, space, and appearance of the business are its identity – the way it presents itself to employees and customers alike.

The Language
Global Makes Your Business
Global knows how to identify your type of organization, the specific characteristics of your work, the atmosphere you would like to evoke, and the kind of space that suits you best.

Make it modern. Make it classic. Make it functional. Make it happy.

Global knows just how to use its wide variety of brands, products, and specialties to create everything that makes your business what it is.