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The Jerusalem College of Technology, also known as “Machon Lev”, is a unique educational institute. It caters to the religious public, offering students the opportunity to receive an engineering degree while learning in a yeshiva setting. The founder’s vision reached its peak at the beginning of the millennium, with many of its graduates becoming industry leaders in civilian and defense sectors, especially in the fields of advanced engineering and electro-optics.

Over the years, the college’s prestige has declined, but the need for this type of institution has only grown. Many Orthodox and Haredi men and women aspire to receive an excellent higher education and advanced degrees without needing to sacrifice their unique religious identities and by having set times for Torah study.

In the early branding stages, we clearly identified the college’s core mission: to be the academic flagship for students seeking to practice their faith while continuing their education – all those who need assistance to pave their own way in life. These students don’t want to give up either part of themselves, and instead want to create the perfect combination of their religion and the wider world. These students brought about a new interpretation – ability is found in the act.

The language perfectly reflects the idea that worlds can be found in open books, and that the spirit gives meaning to actions.

The Jerusalem College of Technology – wisely creating worlds.