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New Relevance for an Old Brand in an Embattled Category
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The past decade was one filled with challenges to the traditional press, and worldwide we can see distinguished, long-established newspapers redefining their value proposition to readers in order to maintain their relevance and seem more attractive. In the modern age, most people do not require a newspaper to stay informed, so the competition is in terms of the added value and personal allegiances that may persuade someone to choose one information source above all others.

The new branding we carried out for the Haaretz newspaper encapsulated the core values of the Haaretz brand – Haaretz: for people who think – without falling into the trap of a pretentious, alienating, lecturing attitude. The new brand represented a worldview that calls us all to be skeptical, open-minded, and knowledgeable, to fight closed thinking, to take a stand against triviality, to set our minds and spirits free, and most of all to think, not to be scared to think differently, to think for yourself, and to avoid following the herd.

The sophisticated content was shaped into a new visual language that posed deep questions to the Israeli public through illustrations that were subtle and accessible, yet uncompromising. We asked questions without providing answers. This was a language that celebrated discourse, challenging the intellect and critical thinking of every single person.

A brand identified almost exclusively with a stern black and white broadsheet suddenly became colorful, present, digital, and associated with clear, accessible icons of historical and current value – all across multiple platforms.

Since the start of the campaign and in complete contrast to the general trend, Haaretz has experienced constantly rising popularity and has even significantly increased its paying subscribers.