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Living the live show experience
 In Israel, the way tickets are sold for live performances has not changed much in recent years. Tickets are still printed and usually purchased from box offices while, behind the scenes, the event is produced using outdated, time-consuming methods (finalizing dates, booking a venue, issuing tickets, etc.). Go Show’s digital system aims to change all that.
 Go Show is a ticket and production management system designed to usher the time-honored institution of live shows into the modern age. Using the language and technology best suited to the needs and preferences of a modern audience, Go Show makes every aspect of the performance easier, more user-friendly, and more collaborative. Now producers and fans alike can fully enjoy every moment of the upbeat, exciting live experience.
 the brand is in sync with today’s hottest trends and the exhilarating vibe of live shows. It offers the latest entertainment experience every step of the way, creating truly accessible live entertainment that is always at your fingertips. The show’s excitement and energy start now!
Go Show – Because, even in the digital age, there’s nothing like a live performance!