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The new Ramada Nazareth Hotel is located on the ridge of Nazareth and overlooking the Old City. The hotel has bars, a spa, halls, a gallery and restaurants, and is set to become a regional center and a special destination.
Nazareth is not a desirable destination for the Israeli tourist. Our mission was to build a brand that reflects the uniqueness of the city, will reveal its charm, and attract audiences, both from Israel and abroad, that do not consider it as a destination. 
We have discovered that Nazareth is a welcoming and multicultural city. Mosaic of people, religions, stories and culture all woven together in harmony. However, most of the reference to it today is done in a cliche manner.
We defined the brand as one that reflects Modern Orientalism: a flourishing cultural trend in the Middle East that has not yet been seen in Israel. From the museums of Dubai, through the new architecture in the Emirates to the Persian Gulf airlines, this is a new cosmopolitan aproach along with authenticity, future along with the past, richness and contemporary design with classic and old sources.
We have created a new language for the hotel, a modern oriental version. Arabic, Latin and Hebrew script marks have been multiplied and combined to create conspicuous and mysterious signs, a familiar but foreign language, drawing from classical sources but presenting an innovative and stimulating approach. Beyond the language, the hotel has been assigned the role of creating and representing the new Oriental culture in Israel, in Nazareth.