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"Herbert Samuel Hotel Orchid group", was established at the old Zion Square, the beating heart of Jerusalem. 
The hotel provides a new vision for the city center, no more a small and modest boutique hotel on a side street, but a central hotel with 137 luxury suites and rooms over looking all of Jerusalem. 
The top floor is the known "Herbert Samuel" restaurant, offering a unique culinary experience. 
The guests enjoy a luxurious spa complex including the most equipped gym in the city, a synagogue, meeting rooms and conference halls. 
Over 20% of the hotels in Israel are situated in Jerusalem,
but when looking at the different hotel locations, there is not one allowing easy access to all of the touristic sights.
During the Branding process we have Identified that all of the cultural richness and attractions of jerusalem are concentrated in a small radius with the Zion Square being the centre of it. 
"Herbert Samuel" is a few minutes walk from the Old City,  Mahane Yehuda Market and Nahalat Shiva neighborhood known as "SoHo Jerusalem".
The branding idea was to leverage the hotel's location, as a major intersection for anyone who wants to experience Jerusalem and its various authentic and modern aspects.
In three words: The center of the center.
As an expression of the “center” perception, the visual language reflects the richness and diversity surrounding the hotel guests,
from their immediate surroundings as well as what the hotel has to offer, to the entire city, a cultural and historical capital.  
The language reflects a new and fascinating character of Jerusalem itself: Unique encounters between religions, cultures, colors and flavours. This approach draws away all worn images of "authentic" and "classic Jerusalem".