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Weihenstephan is a premium beer that has gradually amassed a large following in Israel, despite only being available on tap in bars. In order to reinforce Israel’s emerging premium beer trend, we decided to launch Weihenstephan in bottle form as well. This entailed focusing the brand strategy, subtly improving the design language and adapting brand messages to the local audience.

The rising demand for quality and luxury, increasing interest in beer, and the need to experiment and innovate were Weihenstephan’s opportunity to become more widely available, but no less unique, prestigious, and high quality.

In order to make Weihenstephan more accessible without cheapening its image, the updated brand aimed to take ownership of a burgeoning new market category: wheat beer. Weihenstephan therefore directly addressed the sophisticated new Israeli audience that knows the difference between wheat, barley, filtered and unfiltered beer, and can appreciate the heritage of an original brewery dating back to the 11th century.

Highlighting the unique, light qualities typically associated with Weihenstephan, this branding process opened up premium beer to a new audience, setting the standard at the forefront of a new category.