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Beating Poverty – Together
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Firma was proud to participate in creating a new brand image for the Latet humanitarian aid organization. Latet believes that poverty affects us all as a society, and that we can beat it by working together. For many years, Latet has called on the public to be constantly active in various areas.

Latet’s new message, loving approach, and positive, optimistic language presents an overall target as well as ways we can all work toward it. The branding process was intended to motivate the public to contribute regularly and become involved in the drive to eliminate poverty.
The new call to action appeared in diverse ways and via various activities:
From the website, through donation points and the volunteer association, all the way to the food packages given to families.

We created a new website for the launch and accompanied the campaign with a film that was broadcast around the time of the fundraising evening, as well as promotional materials and redefined media messages. As a result, online contributions doubled (!) compared to previous years.
This project was carried out free of charge.

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