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New Public Broadcasting
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Israel entirely reformed its public broadcasting, so we entirely reformed what a public communication brand is.
The old IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) was formed at the 1960's, and up to 2016 had a TV channel, 8 radio stations and virtually no digital activity. It was shut down by government decision due to lack of relevance and efficiency. The new substitute was meant to simply take over the current assets, but had much greater plans.
The Medium is Not the Issue
We began the branding process hand in hand with the forming of the new organization, mutually shaping its vision, actions and character. We took a major decision that effected content, form, positioning and brand alike: no more TV/radio/online separation. We built the brand around content and genres, regardless of medium.
Being Public Is Being Free
Free from economic pressures, free from intervention, free from prejudice and from conventions in the category. It's all about quality and accessibility: great entertaining, educating and informing content, for everyone in every way they wish to have it.
Here is the Name
We named it "Kan" – Hebrew for "here". Kan is the corporate name, a verbal indicator that ties together all sub brands and actions, and a basis for a verbal language (i.e. everything begins Here, Here is the news, only great music Here…)
It All Starts Here
The logo and the base for the whole language is simple: a line, where everything begins. In the loud, pompous media brand environment, this line stands out as self assured, fresh, free and unique. The primary colors are black & white, and they serve as a stage for the content itself. We developed a comprehensive system of platform, genre and sub brand communication, all based on the same idea. However, this very complex work resulted in a very simple, accessible and attractive language, representing the true revolution for the benefit of the public itself. Here it is.