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 Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.
When they get lost or broken, we panic. This complex relationship is at the basis of Dynamica's new branding.
Dynamica (Cellcom) specializes in mobile services and has about 60 branches nationwide that serve thousands of customers. However, the brand language remains behind...

The strategy process included analyzing the relationship between Cellcom and Dynamics, examining the competitive arena and mapping trends and forecasts in the category. After the process, it was clear that Dynamic Network should stand on its own.

In the branding process, we decided to focus on the emotions we feel for our phone: there is love, passion, anxiety and, above all, obsessiveness. We formulated a verbal language composed of short messages and words that repeat themselves over and over and again just like mantras.
The visual language is influenced by the content and reflects the broad range of emotions: yellow expresses joy, red - love, blue - sadness, green - jealousy. For each color we created a special emoji that transmits feelings and feelings.
With the help of elements that characterize the electronic environment, we created a rich and rustic language of emotion, sound and shape.