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Think Big!
Be all is an ambitious venture in the field of co-working spaces.
The first complex was built in Tel Aviv and is the largest of its kind, with more than 2000 jobs and offers end-to-end office services, with an auditorium of 300 seats, with large conferences, lectures and events. The largest innovation and entrepreneurship center of its kind in the world.
Be all aims to empower its clients, from professional counseling, enrichment lectures to a well-equipped and carefully designed work environment.
n the branding process we have defined Be all as a platform for personal, economic and social prosperity.
A center for innovation and entrepreneurship that encourages its customers to think big and to go far.
The visual language created an atmosphere and presence of a central and meaningful organization.
The design language is businesslike, clean and elegant, which conveys progress and innovation. Using dynamic typography, letters that change and grow, reflecting the change that the customer undergoes.
As part of the work process we helped to characterize and design the user system and the marketing sites of the company.