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The technology world has its own rhythm.

When the Physical Security Division of our client (NICE Systems) set out on a new path as an independent company – we were called in to build the new brand during a rapid transformation process. It was necessary to integrate its previous knowledge with the design of a fresh, independent company, and these concepts led to a unified, precise brand identity.

The new company – Qognify – helps organizations to document, analyze, and leverage large volumes of data in order to predict safety and security risks, maintain business continuity, and streamline operations. This enables intelligent leveraging of existing information to rapidly improve understanding of the overall picture and respond in the optimal way – both in sensitive situations and during routine daily activities.

This idea was defined by a promise: Act out of Knowledge.

The media language created a clear, prominent sign based on the logo, giving it a real role: promoting visibility, focusing attention, enhancing understanding, and leading to action. In other words: Framing the Situation.

Sometimes that's all it takes to switch from an emergency back to normality.