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The bedroom is perhaps, our most favorite room in the house, but also the most neglected.
There is no greater indulgence than getting into bed with new bedding, but the cost of a new quality bedding can be expensive.
Linenz brings fresh new approach to the textile market, a business model based on online sales only, shortens the distance between the product and the customer by cutting down the agents and ensures a high quality product at an affordable price.
In the branding process, the name Linenz was chosen, which expresses the preoccupation with textiles, but with an innovative and young approach. We have set up a brand that allows you to renew and be innovate in your bedroom, invest in yourself and upgrade your sleeping environment in appearance and experience.
The essence of the brand Clean Sheet every day emphasizes the central value of the consumer experience - to open a new page every day.
In a world of sterile images and strained sheets, Linenz brand language has introduced a new interpretation. Urban atmosphere, updated and full of style.
A photographic language that evokes identification, shows a routine full of joy and positive energy. Colorful and elegant colors, with the mint that conveys freshness is central. We created an identifiable graphic element of a frame with a folded corner, reminiscent of a bed arrangement, as well as a page transition to a new beginning.