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A new dimension in the industry
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Meeting a young company that reinvents an entire category is Exciting and challenging. Airobotics created an intersection between two new areas: 
Professional drones and autonomous robots. The result is an autonomous robotic drone, designed to work in large factories, mines, ports and more.
Our job was to shape it right in the eyes of the audience: 
Owners and managers on the one hand, technologists and investors on the other. 
Parallel to the new product category, we have also created a new conceptual category : 
Industrial Drones used as working tools.
With that, a new brand language was created, which combined technological progress with the roughness of space and industry. 
A robot going to meet ups , or an elegant brain wearing armor.
The logo reflects the unique product combination of a drown with its air base, and the brand idea of ​disengaging the “Familiar”.
Nice to meet the Airobotics - a new dimension for the industry.