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Design Terminal (Outbox)
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The Outbox organization’s vision for Israeli design is simply brimming with energy and enthusiasm. Following several projects that have already made their mark on local design, Outbox approached us to help develop the brand identity of their new project: the Design Terminal.

Design Terminal is the prototype for a new kind of design center. The first center was established in Bat Yam (in cooperation with the municipality, the Castro fashion chain, Tambour paints, and more). Every future center will also aspire to be a hub for the design field in its city. The Terminal combines design, business, and social activity. A handful of young designers create and work in open, dynamic surroundings, being provided with a stage for their work as well as business development tools, and becoming part of local community activities and social contributions. Supported by local businesses and in cooperation with nearby schools, these designers work with additional partners to create a true cultural effect through design. A living, active, involved design. A design that affects is a design that inspires.

Motivated by the values of creativity, involvement, and influence, the Terminal aspires to develop business, culture, and the entire community.

It was a special honor and a challenge to design the Terminal – which essentially meant designing design itself.

Interview Link: Elad