ready, set, go.

: elad mishan 14   January 2016
I'm a runner. It's been a few years since I was bitten by that bug, and day and night it takes me towards my goal: in the biting cold, under the scorching sun, toward the distant city lights.
There are three things that make me who I am:
Uncontrollable passion, an inner drive, a basic human desire to keep pushing both boundaries and myself. My primary instinct is to move, to advance, to bring about inner satisfaction and excitement. It's a desire that never rests. Like a bottomless well, I can draw water over and over again, but I'm always thirsting for more.
It's a basic, absolute need. I need to connect to the essence of everything, to the source of the bubbling spring, to the most basic elements of consciousness, feeling, and thought. I need a genuine connection to something real. But I also need the outward connection, to the infinite open spaces of the world and the opportunities it offers.
Nothing good comes easily. Even passion and a connection cannot exist without a sturdy foundation of discipline. You must wake up every morning ready to conquer the world, rain or shine. When thousands of things are clamoring for attention, discipline acts as a protective barrier for the delicate and fragile ground where genuine joy can grow and flourish.
So I bet you're wondering what does this have to do with our world? Well, everything is connected. These three elements also play a massive, central role in all my work. The creativity, the design, and the inventiveness. The innovation. Take one step back and look at things again: instead of running, think about creation. It will all come together.
Creation and running, those exact words…