ready, set, go.

from : elad mishan 14   January 2016
I'm a runner. It's been a few years since I was bitten by that bug, and day and night it takes me towards my goal: in the biting cold, under the scorching sun, toward the distant city lights.
There are three things that make me who I am:
Uncontrollable passion, an inner drive, a basic human desire to keep pushing both boundaries and myself. My primary instinct is to move, to advance, to bring about inner satisfaction and excitement. It's a desire that never rests. Like a bottomless well, I can draw water over and over again, but I'm always thirsting for more.
It's a basic, absolute need. I need to connect to the essence of everything, to the source of the bubbling spring, to the most basic elements of consciousness, feeling, and thought. I need a genuine connection to something real. But I also need the outward connection, to the infinite open spaces of the world and the opportunities it offers.
Nothing good comes easily. Even passion and a connection cannot exist without a sturdy foundation of discipline. You must wake up every morning ready to conquer the world, rain or shine. When thousands of things are clamoring for attention, discipline acts as a protective barrier for the delicate and fragile ground where genuine joy can grow and flourish.
So I bet you're wondering what does this have to do with our world? Well, everything is connected. These three elements also play a massive, central role in all my work. The creativity, the design, and the inventiveness. The innovation. Take one step back and look at things again: instead of running, think about creation. It will all come together.
Creation and running, those exact words…
MAD People

from : elad mishan 15 December 2015
24 hours, 40 people, 2 NGO's – one new brand. An ambitious project, to say the least. Like taking a pile of fresh oranges and squeezing them to make a full pitcher in just one minute. Distilled, condensed, and complete. In the heart of Bat Yam’s industrial area, between garages and diners, we danced to the sounds of a new game (and a little bit of OSOG), and turned reality upside down. The wolf lay down with the lamb, the customer sat down with the designer, and together we wove our next dream – one that would become real and tangible with the dawn.
Five things I took away and stowed in my bag of tricks:
Ziglar once said that if you give others what they need, you will end up with what you need. It’s true that we gave a lot, but we got more in return. No, no – not money. We got hope and dreams, tears and excitement. We got butterflies in our stomachs. We got warm hearts filled with pride. Branding may bring in the money, but all of this uplifts the spirit.
Give a man a scepter, and he will be king. Given the right place and time, anyone can ignite their own personal spark. Remove the title from the man, and free him from the shackles of proof, expectations, and judgment. Suddenly an accountant is a brilliant creator, a designer conducts a choir, a singer can dance, and a dreamer can do. Playing with different roles can suddenly reveal different sides of people – exciting, free, and bold.
In this short time, it was suddenly possible to understand the narrative and plotline of the entire creative process. A 24-hour story, complete with heroes, conflict, struggle, identity, low and high points, crises and victories – ending with great cathartic relief for each one of us and the audience. A good story will excite the author as much as the reader.
Creation is a process of connections between what you know, and what you least expect. This erases the boundaries between the page or screen and the real world. These surprising connections exist between people, between the creators themselves, between givers and receivers, the haves and the have-nots, man and God, time and space. A wonderful connection only reveals itself after the fact, surrounded by enchanting magic, with the scent of spring and the hint of sunrise peeking out from between abandoned garages.
The Edge
Exciting things happen there, at the distant border of reality. On the edges of time and existence, thought and power. At the bottom of the barrel, outside the frame and hidden in the margins. The secret was uncovered, and the truth was revealed to us and to them. The truth about creation itself, about meaning and what it delivers. About the incredible humanity that sprang forth. Because where need ends, ability begins; where ability ends, desire begins.
And, when this day ends – tomorrow will dawn.
(Read more about the project.)
Three thoughts about the brief

from : Elad Mishan 15  April 2015

What is a brief?
We’ve explored this exact question today, the people of Firma.
First observing the movie “Briefly”, where creative people from around the world give their thoughts on the subject, followd by a discussion of our own. Beyond the usual dilemmas - is a brief restricting or enabling, what needs to be in it and so on, a few intresting insights aroused. Here are three of them:
1. A brief always shifts between two edges, and needs to include both: The deadline and the dream.
2. The brief sets the limitations. Instead of trying to bypass them, we can try a different approach: Let the challenge become the asset.
3. Three necessary conditions need to be met by the person receiving the brief:
Always research the culture
Use your curiosity
Ask questions in the right form.

from : Elad Mishan 05  April 2015
There is a lot spoken about overload.
But not enough.

Another epidemic in our new age. It permeates beneath the surface, swells and strengthens before our unseeing eyes, and we don’t pay it any attention at all. For the past few decades, our culture has been preparing its foundation and infrastructure, from the development of capitalism as such, through the globalization that envelops our provincialism from all angles, to the virtual transport pipes that were dug beneath the basics of our day to day lives.

And we are overloaded to the point of exhaustion. We get up in the morning and open an overloaded closet. Standing next to our coffee machine, we make our choice from 13 different flavors. We get in the car and switch between numerous radio stations, with broadcasters racing against themselves to fit dozens of items into an impossible timeframe. Current events, opinion, news, debate, commentary and weather reports. We drive on a bottlenecked freeway, one of an endless herd of solitude. Overloaded with thoughts, telephone calls, hopes and disappointments, we arrive at work. The desk is cluttered, the inbox is full, the meeting room is busy and the fridge is chock-a-block. The Facebook newsfeed has more information that we can possibly handle, and in the hope of controlling all this overload, we choose to stop at the supermarket on the way home. We choose an alternative overload. Open the diary – full. Go out to lunch – lost in a sea of colorful clutter. We get home to find an overload of things strewn in every possible place. We take a few moments to chill with an overload of TV channels, a short conversation packed with so many things to discuss, overloaded dinner, overloaded sink of dirty dishes – even the shelf of shampoos and soaps in the bathroom is overloaded to the point of exhaustion. Get into bed overloaded with thoughts and enter a dream world packed with dreams.

And within all this clutter, is there even a chance to create something new? Ourselves? Or maybe something for ourselves? For others? Have we set aside even one small piece of our lives for a chance to release our exhaust, to be empty and hollow? For a small space of nothingness, even a fine groove? A place perhaps to thread something real, something pure and authentic…

Open up the desert of life, the heavens, the clean spaces – the empty, the simple. From here, one can be recreated anew, every day, every moment, every place, to clean and to be cleansed. Remove one layer of overload at a time, layers of ‘too much’, of heavy weight – throw it away, recycle it, do everything you can to deeply harvest until you get back to the fine seed – that basic, simple seed from which it is possible to bloom. To grow. To recreate yourself again.

To invent the next best thing.
Pirate. It’s not a job

from : Tomer Meluban 05  April 2015

Pirate isn’t a job.
But his heart, how it surges
with pure adrenaline,
when they capture a ship,
and when his hands are full of gold
he’s on top of the world.
And storyteller?
Also not a job.
But I'm so envious when all eyes are on him.
How they shine
when he lowers his voice and tells of the princess falling ill,
even the city elders are rapt.
And orchestra conductor?
No, don’t be fooled: it’s not a job.
So they study for years, so what.
If the baton doesn’t ignite the sparks of inspiration,
fates will be decided, the music will fall silent. And so will the hearts of the audience.
Heart surgeon?
Repairer of the human core!
Just imagine how his heart feels as he touches another person’s very existence.
It’s not a job.
And brander?
Is that a job?
No! J
As time goes by, I find that some of the “No” is “No!”
But there’s also “Yes”.
Yes it’s a specialization.
Obviously it can’t be done without studying (but studying what?).
Of course it also requires professionalism and experience.
But in the broader sense of the word, it isn’t a job!
And why a pirate or a conductor?
Because, like them, we’re driven by an inner impulse
that’s revealed when the heart rate soars,
when the tones of inspiration sound,
when the connection is made
when the hands continue to express this insight in concrete form,
to choose, to understand, to refine, and then to give a name and form, to create a voice,
to brand.
To believe
that you can understand the meaning of what lies in front of you,
that it has absolute faith in your ability to make it
closer to its own true essence.
More real.
It’s not a job J
I wish I was a pirate.