MAD People

: elad mishan 15 December 2015
24 hours, 40 people, 2 NGO's – one new brand. An ambitious project, to say the least. Like taking a pile of fresh oranges and squeezing them to make a full pitcher in just one minute. Distilled, condensed, and complete. In the heart of Bat Yam’s industrial area, between garages and diners, we danced to the sounds of a new game (and a little bit of OSOG), and turned reality upside down. The wolf lay down with the lamb, the customer sat down with the designer, and together we wove our next dream – one that would become real and tangible with the dawn.
Five things I took away and stowed in my bag of tricks:
Ziglar once said that if you give others what they need, you will end up with what you need. It’s true that we gave a lot, but we got more in return. No, no – not money. We got hope and dreams, tears and excitement. We got butterflies in our stomachs. We got warm hearts filled with pride. Branding may bring in the money, but all of this uplifts the spirit.
Give a man a scepter, and he will be king. Given the right place and time, anyone can ignite their own personal spark. Remove the title from the man, and free him from the shackles of proof, expectations, and judgment. Suddenly an accountant is a brilliant creator, a designer conducts a choir, a singer can dance, and a dreamer can do. Playing with different roles can suddenly reveal different sides of people – exciting, free, and bold.
In this short time, it was suddenly possible to understand the narrative and plotline of the entire creative process. A 24-hour story, complete with heroes, conflict, struggle, identity, low and high points, crises and victories – ending with great cathartic relief for each one of us and the audience. A good story will excite the author as much as the reader.
Creation is a process of connections between what you know, and what you least expect. This erases the boundaries between the page or screen and the real world. These surprising connections exist between people, between the creators themselves, between givers and receivers, the haves and the have-nots, man and God, time and space. A wonderful connection only reveals itself after the fact, surrounded by enchanting magic, with the scent of spring and the hint of sunrise peeking out from between abandoned garages.
The Edge
Exciting things happen there, at the distant border of reality. On the edges of time and existence, thought and power. At the bottom of the barrel, outside the frame and hidden in the margins. The secret was uncovered, and the truth was revealed to us and to them. The truth about creation itself, about meaning and what it delivers. About the incredible humanity that sprang forth. Because where need ends, ability begins; where ability ends, desire begins.
And, when this day ends – tomorrow will dawn.
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