Bad Boys Rule

: Yehoram Davidi 05  April 2015
Brands live in an optimistic, enlightened world that aspires to better things. People don’t always do the same.

We all have negative feelings: resistance, irritation, anger, disappointment. Many people only act when they feel they have to, rather than initiate and progress. Too many people identify with the cons rather than the pros, and sometimes black is much more powerful than pink: captivating, satisfying, and inspiring you to action. Brands always try to charm, excite, and connect, but often choose to ignore a wide range of emotions, actions, and sensations instead of using them as a source of identification and action. When an ad break, company website, or brand’s blog posts represent a barrage of optimism, vision and smiles, they unintentionally miss out on a connection and genuine affinity.

Imagine a boardroom or marketing meeting room, maybe one in your own company. Remember how you feel in there sometimes. What inspires you, gets you emotional, and motivates your decisions, determination, and action? I bet it’s not always what it says in the company vision. With your hand on your heart, wouldn’t you love it if people were walking down the street with your logo on their t-shirts, singing your brand slogans, memorizing your ideas, passionately advocating them, and writing enthusiastic comments about them? And then, with your other hand on your heart, what’s the chance that’ll actually happen?

Here are some things you can do differently to provoke real emotions and a deeper connection.

Be Bad
Many qualities associated with evil are actually good and valuable: bad is bold, decisive, active, dynamic, exciting, victorious. Good is vague and weak.

Speak Honestly
If there are annoying or difficult aspects of your customers’ lives, put them on the table so customers will feel you truly understand them and will give you credit for being honest.

Target an Enemy
This is how you define yourself and your audience, through what you’re not. Brands that are challenged in their category can define the bigger or conventional brands as “bad” and benefit from negative feelings towards them.

Stake Your Claim
Don’t look for a brand ambassador. Look for a leader.

Negative comments welcome.