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People like to take a break from their busy life's. Television was a great way to do it, until the TV itself was tied to cables, contracts, customer retention, and packages deals of hundreds of shekels a month, not including small letters. People began to cut themselves off from the TV itself, or at least from the way they had watched it for decades. This trend was named Cord Cutting.
But the way to disconnect is not easy, certainly if you want to do it legally. Even if you buy a dedicated device, download a collection of applications and content, subscribe to five different subscribers and connect the laptop cable to the speakers and back to the screen on the wall - at the end of the link will not work and watching constantly stuck. And again the experience of freedom is impaired.
Sting TV was born to restore freedom to people. At the heart of its activity and brand was the idea: Unchained. To let people, enjoy everything - in a light, uncompromising, attractive and mainly non-binding approach. Excellent content (by yes), from an advanced device (which is also an open Android interface), from a convenient and advanced interface, and all that - legal, without obligation and without distress. No strings attached.
This idea led to the development of a free, technologically and conventionally free visual language. The name is bold and sarcastic, the logo symbolizes disengagement and leaves the routine altogether, the colors are energetic, the textures add freedom and frenzy, the frame and versatility allow the content to enter in a multitude of ways.
Beyond language, people's relationship with television has been redefined. From today the user is free of cables and all the power is in his possession. Open relationship: no deposit, no commitment, no deals packages, no need to ask for anything from customer service, because there is no customer service. There is a device, interface, excellent content, and the choice in your hands.