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Public Transportation Reform
The Freedom to Move
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A new model for public transport fees is on the way.
Israel’s public transportation is switching to a tariff system similar to those used in major cities worldwide.
Now, Israel will be divided into different travel zones, and a single fee will permit unlimited transfers between buses, trains, and the light rail within each specific zone. Now you don’t have to pay more to go longer distances.
At the start of the branding process, we helped the Israeli Ministry of Transport to publicize this groundbreaking system, illustrating the concept and highlighting the many benefits.
Our task was to bring about a fundamental change in public perception: from cities and towns to a giant metropolis, from one line to many, from separate transportation methods to a single unified method, from simply getting from point A to point B to traveling freely with no particular destination in mind.
The Media Challenge:
A new tariff structure based on the international model: new ring-based divisions within metropolises, promoting the use of public transportation and – above all else – the ability to travel further.
The new brand language uses simple, everyday tools to clearly convey the reform’s message. Its central image represented the world of public transportation users, who can now travel more freely, bringing them closer to their ultimate destination – wherever it may be.