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Creating a New Tier of Democracy
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The Israeli Democracy Institute approached us to create a platform for real public discussion that would influence the public conversation and even create significant change in Israeli society.

Throughout the western world, the public's trust in institutions and particularly governments is on the wane. Today, the public mainly trusts themselves. In Israel especially, the public loves to voice their opinions, attempt to exert influence, get involved, and create change on their own.

This was precisely the reason behind launching the Israel Speaks initiative: a discussion that would form the basis / beginning of a public democratic process starting at the grassroots level. This initiative offers the opportunity for involvement and influence together with great pride and commitment.

Israel Speaks is a democratic, productive, and effective method to influence society and the political system in order to improve life for everyone.

The Israel Speaks brand was developed through a new, unique work method in cooperation with the Israeli Democracy Institute. We undertook a productive, in-depth process that included joint workshops, brainstorming, and democratic discussions that led to decisions being made.

The branding process began during the first stage of the initiative, in which twenty intellectuals and public figures from a range of