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 Sunsets From Gordonia seem as if they were especially drawn for you. 
The Jerusalem hills and the trails of history are spread at your feet, and it seems as if the whole world was painted in colors like never seen before.
The accommodation in the luxury villas is customized to your own needs and wishes. 
A rare combination of beautiful tall trees, intoxicating mountain air, a private swimming pool, personal chef and a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that never ends, Promising an intimate and private vacation for those who seek for nothing but the best.
The idea behind the branding of Gordonia luxury hotel was to “Borrow” the exclusivity existing  in various fields of life, such as private banking, private plane, etc and bringing  it to the hotel world thus creating a new standard in private hotels.
All for you and according to your personal preferences.
The design theme of nature and authentic environment surrounding the place invites guests to experience a private, intimate and luxurious lifestyle,  in a breathtaking view.