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Less Is More
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Kinley, Coca-Cola’s long-established beverage brand, has disappeared in recent years due to growing competition in the carbonated drinks category. Our research process led us to conclude that we needed to focus on the 35+ market – a mature audience that mostly has high awareness of the need for a good, healthy lifestyle. Under the "Less is More" brand concept, we positioned Kinley as the only carbonated beverage that is truly suitable for adults and tailored to their needs.

In line with this strategy, we developed a unique Kinley brand platform that was able to expand and encapsulate a product line that constitutes an entire brand family. We created a brand language with values matching those of our target audience: elegant, stable, confident, and intelligent, while still remaining appropriate for a popular brand.

We created the “water drop” symbol to represent Kinley’s core foundation – pure water, which is the base for all the various beverages in the line. This eye-catching minimalist icon changes from product to product in a way that differentiates the line while retaining uniformity among the Kinley product family as a whole.

The new language, which is expressed throughout all platforms, has successfully differentiated Kinley in stores, rejuvenated the brand, and targeted the relevant audience.