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Background: The Leumi Group is based on a complex, multi-branched organizational structure, with multiple target markets, a huge consumer base and myriad business activities.
Like many large organizations, Leumi underwent a process of updating its logo, but the complex reality of the organization, its changing needs, wide range of markets and the passing of time have created a situation in which each unit and subdivision naturally developed their own identity. The unifying frame of the organization – both conceptual and visual – nearly got lost. In 2004, Leumi chose to update and sharpen its image anew, with the help of Firma.

The first important insight was that this is not a one-time process, but the beginning of a multi-stage journey.

Phase One: New Idea
During the initial phase, the decision was made to be the first bank in Israel that adopted the digital world as a part of its identity, in order to create a competitive and integral advantage for its target audience.
In light of this decision, we created Leumi Digital, which became the main language of Leumi in all its communication interfaces. The brand’s achievements include the revamping of Leumi, the development of a unifying concept, and also its help in positioning Leumi as Israel’s most advanced bank.

Phase Two: Precise Architecture
Helped by the decision of the CEO, difficult cuts were made in all