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Teenage girls are a very desirable target audience for fashion brands, and also the hardest market to crack. As part of building a brand for Twenty Four Seven, Renuar’s teen fashion offshoot, we carried out in-depth research among young opinion leaders. From the research, we learned not only Israeli teens’ perceptions of fashion and brands, but also their full daily routine down to the last second. We worked with them to create a brand that speaks their language and is genuinely connected to their lives. 

We developed a language that focused on the values of surprise, youthfulness, and constant innovation together with a sense of familiarity, and from there we created a brand that is simultaneously fresh and reassuring. A brand that constantly changes the way it expresses and renews itself (every season, every week, every day), while still retaining a consistent identity.

Twenty Four Seven has become one of Israel’s leading fashion brand chains, speaking the language of today’s generation and allowing every teenage girl to be who they want to be. In just four years, approximately 50 stores have opened in prime locations across Israel.