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The Nature and Parks Authority
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Nature & Parks Authority
Entrusted with the land
Israel represents an extraordinary meeting of different landscapes, cultures, histories, and natural worlds. The Nature & Parks Authority is responsible for the strict maintenance and care of these special “meeting points”.
Since its establishment, the Authority has understood that humanity’s attitude toward nature determines how people will behave in natural areas. People only want to protect what they love, and therefore the Authority endeavors to create a connection, affinity, and love between Israelis and their country. Loving the country, knowing it and respecting it – these are everyone’s responsibility, and the Nature & Parks Authority works to promote this perspective.
After years of experience and work protecting streams, plant and animal species, and Israel’s many historical and cultural sites, the Authority has become an integral part of life in the country, and its language is the language of the land itself.
The updated values and language served to clarify the Authority’s identity, both among its own staff and in the community, while still maintaining its image as a professional organization with an essential purpose. The first elements of this new language appear today in the redesigned logo as well as the contemporary-yet-respectful media language, and at many locations throughout Israel.
We’ll meet you in the park!