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The Nature Scent cosmetics brand came to us with the desire to gain a more recognizable, valued, and international image. The first step was to understand that the brand actually belongs to the natural cosmetics category, but this market is dominated by names and claims based on bio-, scent-, nature-, and also -med. Nature Scent’s main distinctive quality, which had not been emphasized previously, was the origin of its minerals and production – the unique phenomenon that is the Ramon Crater. 

This unique quality gave us the opportunity to target a specific audience: sophisticated people (mainly women) who do not compromise on standards and quality, but at the same time do not want an industrial product that lacks authenticity as well as a real backstory. To be valued in their eyes, we turned to the brand’s true story: the place, the earth, the minerals, the landscape, and the fascinating process of creation. These reflected the path people travel in their lives, with all its different layers and their origins. This is why the brand adopted the name of a path through the desert: Faran.

In three words: “Respect the Path”.

The brand won the Rebrand 100 competition for the world’s best rebrand during 2012. This generated huge interest within the category, and Faran’s products are now being sold in the European and Japanese markets.