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Dafni is a revolutionary straightening hair brush that will make you ask yourself why no one ever thought of it before. It makes your hair smoother, your morning easier, and your whole day better – all without any extra effort or wasting a moment of your precious time.
In a highly competitive international market, Dafni is a unique voice with a new language that truly makes itself heard. While other well-known, longer-established competitors speak to the consumer about external beauty, Dafni focuses on “Beauty for the Fast Life.” Today’s young professional women know the value of always looking their best, so they need quick, easy haircare methods that suit their busy lifestyles.
Utilizing a visual language that reflects the design of the brush itself, coupled with sophisticated colors and unique messages, we created a youthful, fresh, down-to-earth brand for a product that quickly becomes an indispensible part of women’s daily routine.
Our promotional video used fast stills, similar to stop-motion, combined with short film clips to paint a picture of how this product can simplify a dynamic, fast-paced life without losing any of its style or excitement.
Dafni is without a doubt, one of the year’s most innovative hair styling products.