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Once there was a family of pioneers who planted their roots in the village of Givat Ada, near the heart of the as-yet-unborn State of Israel, soon enough, the family tree blossomed, with new generations of hardworking pioneer farmers growing up on the same family estate.
Today, a century later, the Teperberg family continues to produce olive oil from its olive grove.
The olives are harvested in the early morning hours, and are sent to the mill the very same day in order to maintain their freshness. They are then rinsed and pressed to form a paste. Next, the oil and paste are separated through a cold press process at a temperature of about 18-20°C, using special containers. It is important to use a lower temperature in order to maintain the olive oil’s flavor and health properties.
You are invited to enjoy this premium-quality olive oil, prepared with love according to the best Teperberg family tradition.