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Galil Mountain Winery is one of the most intriguing wineries in Israel. Located within its' vineyard, Galil Mountain Winery specialises in blending and carries out a natural growth production process.

Recently, Galil Mountain Winery took on a new approach:  creating an Israeli, original, local wine, based on natures' harmony and beauty. Sustainable winery. This new revolutionary approach generated not only in an organic farming process, but in new and improved marketing methods. Sustainable marketing methods, such as wine barrels in restaurants, that help protect the environment and deepen the wine experience by preserving a remarkable taste for a flexible price.

The challenge was how to capture this new sustainable approach, in an approachable and non-patronizing,  greenly way. We combined the sustainable with the light flowingly drinking experience. This is truly the nature of drinking wine. Naturally cropping is based on nurturing the soil, the season and the vine. It’s a liberated winery, one that is experiencing and searching the true nature of the wines' habitat. This is a new way for drinking wine.  Simple, natural, pleasant.

The visual & verbal language flows naturally. It represents elegance yet flowing tone of voice. It's not taking itself too seriously, but rather light and straight forward. Its' base is local but their interpretation is light and unique.