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The Leumi Group identified a powerful hi-tech business opportunity and set a goal to claim a central position in the industry. In order to do this, they established dedicated banking teams.

Together, we defined LeumiTech not just as another branch of the bank, but as a financial home for Israel’s hi-tech industry. LeumiTech provides a comprehensive range of financial services and operates as a ‘knowledge center’ for its client base: hi-tech companies throughout the entire lifecycle, investors and industry bodies.

We built the LeumiTech brand identity not as an extension of the bank yet as a hi-tech company specializing in finance. LeumiTech’s goal was to be an integral, expert player in the technology industry itself.

Apart from consolidating the brand identity, we are proud to be responsible for the definition and design of the site’s user experience and programming. The site was planned in order to appropriately present the central advantage of LeumiTech in the future of the hi-tech industry – its unique financial perspective and expertise.

Even if you are not part of the hi-tech industry, you are invited to visit HYPERLINK