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BioPet is a leading name in the manufacturing and marketing of pet food and accessories. Two of its most popular brands are "Bonzo" for dogs and "La-Cat" for cats, which can be found in more than 400 pet stores around Israel and are also exported abroad.
Pet owners in Israel face a chaotic, disorganized barrage of inconsistent information and numerous brands that all seem pretty much the same. At the same time, the status of pets in Israeli society has improved dramatically. Now we think that a dog left tied up in a garden is being neglected, and if he's spending a lot of time alone, he's probably bored.
The opportunity - to establish BioPet as pet care experts. Based on the belief that every pet deserves to live a full life, we created 5 categories relating to every aspect of a pet's life: nutrition, health, sleep, companionship, and grooming. For Bio-Pet, a pet is a real part of the family, with unique needs and desires that we reflected in a creative language. We adopted an informative, yet lively approach to the design, with a photographic language that emphasizes the similarities and closeness among all family members.