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Beit Berl College
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Beit Berl Academic College has gone through a enormous change. It transformed from a teacher's seminar to a multidisciplinary academic institution with three faculties (Education, Arts - Midrasha and the Society and Culture faculty).

Our strategic research revealed that despite this process, the unique nature of Beit Berl’s Academic College hasn’t been changed. Education has always been at its' core. But now the target has been lifted and the ambition is to promote equality and tolerance in Israel and influence society worldwide.

The branding process defined Beit Berl Academic College as the Society College. An academic college which sees its' goal as a social mission. A college that promotes academic excellence in order to strengthen important values and influence society. Like Israeli society, Beit Berl Academic College also contains diversities. Arabs and Jews, Seculars and Haredim, center and periphery, and more. But unlike other academic college, Beit Berl embraces them. The belief is that only by talking about our differences we shall overcome them and move forward. Challenges are in fact a growing opportunity.

The academic college logo becomes a meeting point for 3 languages ​​combined with Israelis' flag colors. The combination creates a sense of harmony and stability.

The academic college is diverse, still everyone is involved. Anyone who wants to take a part of a change in the progress, to listen, learn, create and influence society as a whole is welcome.

The components of the visual language are being used as editing tools motivating us to take action and make a change. A photographic-journalistic theme was selected to presents real moments of everyday life and real social situations which require taking action.